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Megacities. Megahighways. fibre-optic networks spanning from Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. tree lines that disappear beyond the vanishing point on every street. vehicles designs beyond any current comprehension. Superstructures designed and created to remain as a statement for eons, with Architecture the human mind pushed to its limits to create. Artificial intelligence that can process information organically and create context. We can do this, if we wanted to.

the problem lies therein that people have an extraordinary ability to not care, which extends to their interactions with those immediately around them, and Society as a whole. the Wealthy mind their own business, while those who are poor and miserable end up destroying things, while consuming entertainment marketed towards them. the Only solution is to elevate thinking, increase IQ on a population scale, and inspire those who are young, have time, and money.

Individuals have to have enough disposable income in order to be able to consume products that increase their productivity and be able to invest in something other than themselves. the key is to make a segment of Society to have more income, and target individuals or groups that are able to make changes and are able to advance Society to a technological civilization, rather than a post-industrial and post-technological state, in which we currently reside in.

the world is too complex by a few orders of Magnitudes for anyone to make a genuine difference as a leader, and there are too many individuals who think they are very Clever. Also, in contrast to the previous statement, people in general have enough capital to increase their well-being but they abuse their privileges and end up as consumers. We have too much freedom, not lack thereof. A fragmented society where ethnic Minorities dictate towards Society.

Only One who has knowledge of entire economies and Markets, withheld by no checks and balances, is capable of Governing this world. there really isn’t any solution or ideology, but advancement should be scientific – a technocracy, where policy, not public opinion, dictates change. Also, reliance on technology cannot be a perfect means because technology has arbitrary parameters programmed by individuals; there isn’t a substitute for excellent decision-making.

Welcome to Modernity. Welcome to the New World Order.

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It is a pity that many elites and corporations do not understand that a prosperous society would directly help themselves. Capitalism is the least efficient form of Market dominance when it is driven by individual choice. When choice becomes the Norm, the Norm becomes the Society we live in.

This refers to Capitalists, those who take advantage of others, essentially dismantling democracy, and, installing a plutocracy leading towards the degeneration of Society as a whole for short-term Gain on the part of the corporations, in which they own.

So which leads one to believe – What kind of corporations are there? Are they primarily profit-motivated or insanity-motivated, or both? What kind of ramifications does that entail towards the consumer if they are either? Most Corporations are a mixture of the two.

the Most common type of corporation is the profit-type. Very self-sabotaging. Can’t achieve goals or anything in general. Second is the ideal-driven Corporation – very easily sidetracked – very common in Washington, D.C. they have some Agenda and they have psychos running the show.

psycho means not sane on All counts.

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how intelligent really are Corporations? Let’s give you a few case studies. Yelp. Yelp posits itself as a site where users can gain valuable feedback or information about a business, yet, you cannot even edit a Yelp business listing if you don’t have access to your business page, in which most businesses do not have access to. Just because you have an driven and motivated team of individuals in Arizona does not a company make. Same goes for Amazon – you have the most retarded individuals creating listings, often duplicates of one another, and corporate seems to be Ok with that. Next, Gigabyte. Gigabyte Technology is the leading motherboard manufacturer in the world, yet it cannot even produce a notebook, the irony being Alienware contracts it to manufacture notebooks using its motherboards. The pattern is the same regardless where you go – Self-sabotage.

the Greater irony is that I can turn around any Corporation I wanted to. I can make any Corporation profitable beyond measure of man, as a matter of will, rather than means – knowledge, or intelligence. If you want something to occur, it will happen. If you don’t care, nothing is achieved. Corporations are too large to be Governed. you need just one executive and a vice president,¬†who takes on a role and responsibility greater than the executive; for a total of two, one a visionary and an Architect, the other one of extreme intelligence and technical know-how. there has been some downsizing in the past as a trend towards leaner enterprise, but it doesn’t address the core problem – the reality being that most executives aren’t aware of the Social ramifications for their company, or even their own company, and that makes All the difference.

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