Megacities. Megahighways. fibre-optic networks spanning from Silicon Valley to Washington D.C. tree lines that disappear beyond the vanishing point on every street. vehicles designed beyond any current comprehension. Superstructures destined and Intended to remain as a Statement for eons, with Architecture the Mind cannot conceive. Artificial intelligence, that can process information organically and Create; We can do this, if we wanted to.

the problem lies therein that people have an extraordinary ability to not care, which extends to them, their interactions to those around them, as well as Society as a whole. the Wealthy are Altruistic, while those who are poor and miserable end up destroying things, consuming entertainment marketed towards them. the Only solution is to elevate thinking, increase IQ on a population-level scale, and inspire those who are young – have time, and money.

Individuals Must have enough disposable income in order to be able to consume products that increase own their productivity and invest in something other than themselves. the key is to make a segment of society to have more income, and target individuals or groups that are able to make changes and are able to advance Society to a technological civilization, rather than a post-industrial and post-technological state, in which we currently reside.

the world is too complex by a few orders of Magnitudes for anyone to make a genuine difference as a leader, and there are too many individuals who think they are very Clever. Also, in contrast to popular perception, people in general do have enough capital to increase their well-being, but they abuse their privileges and end up as consumers. We have too much freedom, not lack thereof. A FRAGMENTED society in which ethnic Minorities dictate towards the whole.

Only one who possesses entire economies and Markets, withheld by no checks and balances, is capable of Governing this world; there really isn’t any solution or ideology towards Society, but advancement should be Autonomous; policy, not public opinion, should dictate change. Also, reliance on technology cannot be a perfect means because technology has arbitrary parameters programmed by individuals; there isn’t a substitute for excellent decision-making.

Welcome to Modernity. Welcome to the New World Order.

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