how intelligent really are Corporations? Let’s give you a few case studies. Yelp. Yelp positions itself as a site where users can gain valuable feedback or information; yet, Yelp cannot even make accurate changes to its own listings since the majority of businesses don’t have access to their own page!! Just because you have an driven and motivated team of individuals in Arizona does not a company make. Same goes for Amazon – you have the most retarded individuals in the world creating listings, often duplicates of one another, and Corporate seems to be Ok with that. Next, Gigabyte. Gigabyte Technology is a leading motherboard manufacturer, yet it cannot even produce a notebook, the irony being Alienware contracts Gigabyte to manufacture notebooks using its motherboards. The pattern is the same regardless where you go – Self-sabotage.

the Greatest irony is that I can turn around Any Corporation I wanted to. I can make Any Corporation, profitable beyond Any measure of Man, as a matter of Will, rather than means – as knowledge, or intelligence. If you want something to happen, it will occur; If you don’t care, Nothing is achieved. Corporations are too large to be Governed. you need just one executive and a vice president,¬†who takes on a role and responsibility greater than the executive; a total of two, one a Visionary, the other an Architect, one of high intelligence and technical expertise. there has been some down-sizing in the past as a trend – towards leaner enterprise, but it doesn’t address the Core problem – the reality being that most executives aren’t even aware of the Social ramifications for the company, or even what goes on in their company. And that makes All the difference.

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