It is a pity that many elites and corporations do not understand that a prosperous society would directly help themselves. Capitalism is the least efficient form of Market dominance when driven by individual choice. When choice becomes the Norm, the Norm becomes the Society we live in.

This refers to Capitalists, those who take advantage of others, essentially dismantling democracy, and, installing a plutocracy leading towards the degeneration of Society as a whole for short-term Gain on the part of Corporations, in which they own.

So which leads one to believe – What kind of Corporations are there? Are they primarily profit-motivated or insanity-motivated, or both? What kind of ramifications does that entail towards the consumer if they are, either? Most Corporations are a mixture of the two.

the Most common type of Corporation is the profit-type. Very self-sabotaging. Can’t achieve goals or anything in general. Second is the ideal-driven Corporation – very easily sidetracked – very common in Washington, D.C. they have some Agenda and some psychos, running the show.

psycho means not sane on All counts.

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